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Product Overview

Data Delay Devices, Inc. offers a wide variety of delay lines and delay line-related products. Our standard product categories are listed below. All of our products are made to order and we support orders of any size. In addition, we offer custom designs on an individual basis through our engineering design team. If you are interested in having us develop a custom unit, please refer to the FAQ page

Our on-line product sheets are available in PDF format. Click on the appropriate series in our product description tables to load the data sheets. If there is no link for a particular series, the data sheet is not available on-line. In that case, you may request that a data sheet be sent to you by contacting our Sales Department.

If the information you need cannot be found in our data sheets, you may wish to visit our FAQ page or contact Tech Support.

Please choose from the following product families below

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All silicon drop in replacements

for existing hybrid devices

Delay lines with digitally buffered

inputs & outputs, tapped at

uniformly spaced delay intervals

Multiple delay lines with digitally buffered inputs & outputs

Delay lines with digitally buffered

inputs & outputs, where delay values

are programmed via a digital code

Delay lines with digitally buffered

inputs & outputs, where delay values are mechanically/electrically adjusted

Digitally programmable one-shot edge-triggered pulse generators & triggerable delay-line oscillators

Includes Coaxial lines, Microstrip

lines, and LC Networks

Includes Pulse Width Controllers, Encoder Decoders, and Frequency Multipliers

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