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Data Delay Devices, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of delay lines and delay line-related products. Founded in 1964 for the purpose of providing high quality modules to the electronics industry, DDD has the expertise required by today's demanding applications. DDD is truly the source for your delay line needs!

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Featured Products

  • Introducing our TR8030 balanced transformer. This device uses microstrip technology in both the primary and secondary, resulting in a 50-ohm characteristic impedance in both sections. Bandwidth is 40-320 MHz.

  • We now offer surface-mount microstrip delay lines. Our 2023 and 2024, 2025 and 2026, and 2027 lines offer fixed delays of 50 to 2800 picoseconds, with a bandwidth in excess of 1 GHz.

  • Generate long, low-jitter timing pulses with our 3D3250 10-tap timer. Perfect for sequencing events in the microsecond or millisecond range.

  • Achieve high-bandwidth and 250ps resolution with our 3D9950 8-bit switch-programmable coaxial delay line. This rugged, compact unit is perfect for simulating time-of-flight and other propagation delays. We also offer the smaller 3D2700 unit, which features 7-bit resolution. Or, let our design team develop a custom, high-bandwidth timing solution for your application with our coaxial and microstrip technologies.

  • Generate timing delays with 50ps resolution using our 3D3438 and 3D7438 8-bit programmable delay lines. The ultimate in precision for demanding applications.

  • Synchronize a crystal or any other stable free-running clock to an external trigger event with our 3D6701 clock synchronizer.

  • Generate accurate, super-long pulses with our PPG323F crystal-stabilized pulse generator. With 23 bits of resolution and an internal crystal oscillator for stabilization, this device is perfect for applications requiring high performance timing in the microsecond, millisecond and second ranges.

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