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DDD Introduces the 3010 Series,
its First Electrically-Adjustable Delay Line

The 3010-series electrically-adjustable passive delay line is now available. The device delay can be adjusted over a 1ns range via a high impedance control voltage input. The nominal impedance of the line is 50-ohms, and the rise-time of the line is typically 1ns, which yields a bandwidth in excess of 300MHz. Two versions are available: the 3010-P uses a positive control voltage, and the 3010-N uses a negative control voltage. Both devices are offered in a space-saving SIP package.

The 3010 is designed for extremely precise timing control, as the resolution of the delay is limited only by that of the control voltage. A digitally programmable line can be implemented by using a DAC to generate the control voltage, in which case the resolution of the line is determined by the number of bits on the converter.

Typical applications include channel delay equalization, PPM, PSK and automated test systems. For more information, please refer to the device data sheet.